Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5

These are the latest addition to my recording/concert set-up. Each of these contains hundreds of very natural-sounding percussion and percussive effects. The touchpads have 13 sections, with each creating a different hand-percussion technique. As you can see in the picture I have two on customized snare-drum stands on either side of me and one on the floor in front of me.







Here’s what’s in front of me on the floor where I sit in my studio….as you can see, there’s an unplugged cable on the right side.

Guitar Amplifiers

The amplifiers I am using are all based on the older Fender tube amp designs (Blackface and Tweed, as well as the Dumble style amps.) These amps use the 6L6-style power tubes, which is the sound I prefer. From left to right they are the Carr Rambler, the Brown Note D’Lite 44, and the Red Plate CD2. These are all called combo amps with one 12-inch speaker each.

Effect Pedals

Though there are literally thousands of pedals available on the market, after a lot of testing, I have settled on a selection of gain, overdrive, modulation and delay pedals from an assortment of boutique companies. (Itemized list to come.) The larger pedalboard on top is the one I am currently on tour with along with the volume pedal/tuner (lower left in photo.) This board is controlled by the button strip at its bottom, custom designed by GigRig in the UK.

Photos by Gary Jameson, Reno, NV (775) 825-8999