Similar to the elementary program, but with more in-depth explanations, this program also features 25 string, flute and percussion instruments from around the world. Todd relates the instruments culturally and historically as well as to our familiar Western instruments, pointing out both differences and common threads, and demonstrates unusual rhythms and scales used in other cultures. His custom-built electronic system, which allows him to layer instruments as he performs, helps give the students an idea of how the instruments sound when played together in their respective cultures. This dynamic and highly acclaimed interactive program keeps everyone riveted as Todd “helps break down the barriers that divide us by experiencing other cultures through their music” and concludes with Q & A, even in a theater setting.

This program can be presented either to a full student body (Todd has excellent “crowd control”) or specifically for band/orchestra/choir students with an expressed interest in music, in which case he offers even more in-depth explanations and examples of playing techniques.

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Todd's Lecture on CIrcular Breathing:

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